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This is a step by step guide from start to finish on how to help you understand and develop your website words, content, phrases and descriptions to help your website move up in google and other search engine marketing promotion optimization applications.

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VIDEO = Beginning Tips and Basic Overview on SEO = 4 minutes
Network Solutions Sr VP; Beginner Tips for SEO

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STEP ONE = 1 hour to 5 hours time (depends on how much research is done)
Your domain name choice (the name of your internet website address). If you have a domain name that you are using or have already registered a domain name you want to use please scroll down to step TWO.

Step one Domain name Selection

STEP TWO = 1 hour to 2 hours time
Finding a web hosting company that meets your website performance needs. If you already have a web host account with a domain name scroll down to step THREE.

Step two Web Host Selection

STEP THREE = 2 hour to 4 hours time
Installing the most SEO optimized website building template onto your web host account. If you already have a website up and running you may still install the below recommended website Building Template Theme. Your current website will not be affected while you work on your new website.

Step three Website Building Template Theme Installation (and WebSite Structure, Internal Navigation Links)

STEP FOUR = 1 hour to 10 hours time
Installing the proper content (words) and their descriptive titles is the number one search engine tool. Depending on your product, message or business this will be and should be the most time consuming (spending or investing the most time) step in preparing your website for optimal SEO.

Step four SEO Web Page Content and Descriptive Headline Titles

STEP FIVE = 1 hour to 2 hours time
Your page title is the the words you see at the top of web pages that your browser picks up from your title tag in your web page code “title tag”.

Step fiveSEO Your Title Page Tag Description (and Keywords)

STEP SIX = 1 hour to 2 hours time
Web page meta tag description is the second most important search engine tool. The description should provide a concise explanation of a Web page’s Content and this is why I have listed near last.

Step six SEO Web Page Description Meta Tag Content

STEP SEVEN = 1 hour to 7 hours time (time varies depending on how many pictures)
Alt tags for images, pictures and logos are nothing more than a two word to five word description of the picture.

Step seven SEO Alt Tags for Images, Pictures and Logos

STEP EIGHT = 10 minutes time
Here we will recap what you should of accomplished in STEPS 1 thru 7.

Step eight SEO WebSite ReCap

Depending on the ease or complexity of your small business website your total time spent should have been betwween 9 hours to 32 hours.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO  is the art and science of making websites perform and rank better in the search engines.  There is no magic or silver bullet  to it.  It’s all about understanding how search engines read web pages and what factors they take into consideration when deciding how to rank a web page on your website.  

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